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“I already completed it. It’s not very interesting. And it doesn’t require any money.” Hong Dali sniffled and picked up an attribute gem. It was gem processing time!


“Brother Tianzong.” Hong Dali thought for a long while but still couldn’t think of anything. In the end, Hong Dali shook his head and said, “I don’t seem to lack anything…”


“Need you to ask?” Mihawk was not bothered at all. “Hang up everything, lock the doors, then we can go challenge the Tower of Trials or sleep and drink. Why bother asking me when you already know that?”


There was a show to be had this timeLi Yang shouted, Poser, Ill let you fly! The two First Order Planet Warriors were sent flying when they had just started to attack.


“The problem is, they cannot kill me. I have no choice…” Actually, Hong Dali was quite bothered. If it was not because of that, he would be too lazy to run up to level thirty. It was really tiring.


In this case, Hong Dali touched his chin. the situation in your shop sounds complicated. I dont have much of an impression of it. How about this, lead us to your shop to take a look. If its okay, Ill buy a few more shops.

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Hong Dali and the others looked around. They attracted enough attention usually. With the cool Honorary Aristocrat cloak, some people started to scream—


Okay. I got it. Tianyi suddenly smiled and kicked the door of Dalis Weapon Shop. Open for business, where is the salesperson? Isnt there anyone here?


Whats the most important thing when it comes to doing business? Popularity! With popularity, everything is much simpler, right?


He had not deliberately offended anyone but was lustful. All men would be interested if they met beautiful women. He only wanted to hit on women, how did he get into so much trouble?


Tang Muxin: “…” Li Nianwei: “…” Ling Xiaoyi: “…” Lucifer: “…” The others: “…”


When they mastered the martial arts secret manual, their attributes would be shockingly high…


Ahhhhh! Tianyi looked at Hong Dali carefully and exclaimed in shock. Youre the legendary Double Honorary Aristocrat Hong Dali, right? Ive heard of your great name! I didnt think Id see you here! With a Galaxy Aristocrat around, he should not have a chance to speak. But he was smarthe decisively suck-up to Hong Dali. His offence towards a Galaxy Aristocrat would definitely be forgotten.



This situation reminded her of somethingthe super genius who managed to pass level thirty had chosen to hide his identity. He must be a low-profile person who did not like to be in the public eye. But her status she bit her lower lip gently and gave it some thought. She soon came to a decision and said softly, Dali, wait for me a moment.



The technological advancements on Earth were improving very fast now. But just at this moment, the Zerg army was actually coming here!


I couldnt care less about the advancement assessment. Hong Dali pouted. I can do whatever I want as long as I have money. One million!


He would just add one year for now. It was not good for the kid to grow up too fast. He should at least have a childhood, right? He would add one year first. He had the points anyway, he could add on to his lifespan slowly later on.

  • When Hong Dali left, the Bureau Chief looked at Hong Weiguo, curious. Weiguo, I wanted to tell Dali about the Zerg. Why did you
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