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Whilst he was battling with the beast, his communicator suddenly sounded. Hellfire slightly frowned, felt strange and said, “Hm, a communication request from the Elders? Alright…” Saying so, he looked at the terrifying beast in front of him and said, “OK, I have played with you for long enough. Goodbye.”


Moreover, this matter meant one thing: there existed experts among the commoners! Who dared to be rude to the commoners? If they beat someone up and he said he was the super genius, it would be unimaginable!


However, Tang Muxin knew that Li Yang might not be a match for him if they were really to fight. She immediately commanded. Quentin, wake up. Theres work to do!


“Cough, cough, cough!” Hong Dali said it matter-of-factly that Tang Long started coughing violently. He coughed for quite a while as he was too shocked. “You say you passed all thirty levels? For real? In the past, there was a training tower just like this one. My Master only managed to pass twenty-six levels on the first day. The most powerful man in the Galaxy, Duan Xuan, also only managed to pass twenty-seven levels. And you are telling me you passed all thirty?!”


The Heavenly Frost Sword was only obtainable as a reward from the treasure box on level 19! This was the best reward available for level 19, and Hong Dali actually got it!


Thinking up to this point, Tianyis mood became better. He signaled at two beautiful ladies who had been observing him secretly and smiled. Beauties, how about you come over and keep me company?

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“Let me take a look.” An Elder summoned the holographic projection system. Faerie Star was a super enormous planet that was outside of the Milky Way. This planet didn’t belong to any Galaxy system, just revolving along by itself in the Universe. It actually had tens of smaller planets revolving around it too, like satellites. This was a sight that defied logic and at the same time expressed its uniqueness.


I dont think it matters. The young man pouted. We are not in need of this bit of money. All right, lets set off quickly. Pops is missing again. I heard that he was last seen here in Shenluo Main City. Lets find him first.


Soon, the clerk issued the certificate and Ace turned to leave after collecting it. When he had exited the Inspection Office for Honorary Aristocrats Advancement, a young man with half-opened eyes approached him and said, smiling, You are so free to actually come here for the Honorary Aristocrat Advancement. What are you thinking?


“Yes. I understand, Father.” Jiang Qianxue closed her eyes and nodded, then said, “I… I won’t act impulsively.”


Who is your family? Mister Gate raised his fist. You kicked my sons shop door in. Well talk after I beat you up.


I only know that my fist doesnt have eyes. Mister Gate lifted the man by his clothes and threw him out of the door. Everyone became silent.


Once he entered the shop, he looked around and started instructing. “Eh, Uncle Mihawk, I think we will need to trouble you. I intend to renovate this store.”



“It’s really unexpected.” McGregor looked at the busy new technology weapons production line in front of him. He whispered, “We are preparing for interstellar warfare so soon. Sigh, Dali is not here. I don’t feel confident.”



“I think you should try it out first.” Hong Dali said seriously like he was old and experienced. “You must not be impulsive in love. You should at least find out who he is, what he looks like, how old he is, what race he is, what his temperament is like—what if he is from a giant race? He might be more than ten meters tall, and you will look just like a little child standing next to him. If that is the case, it’s no use liking him, right?”


Li Nianwei smiled as she approached him. Once she sat down, she put her long, slender legs on the table. The heels of her shoes were almost in the Goblins nose. Little guy, I suggest you take this seriously. Otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences!


Previously, when the great White Beard Mister won him, it was still acceptable as it was obvious he was someone powerful based on his skill and the things the mysterious old man had said about him. It was not a disgrace for him as a younger generation to lose.

  • This The clerk hesitated. He wanted to object, but the other party was an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat and he dared not offend him. He quickly said, Lord Ace, let me issue you a certificate, and you can collect your orange-level Honorary Aristocrat entitlements whenever you please.
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